The Antidote to Poverty

The greater antidote to poverty….

Is a nicely laid plan.Even as far as I enjoy coupons

and bargain hunting. . .as much as I adore washing clothing in cold water and sometimes making my own laundry soap…I must acknowledge that these ideals aren’t the only solution to getting ahead. I have found that

it’s better propelled

me in life once I have allowed

my personal goals to dictate my following

step.Why is this? Maybe because….

We human beings do not live nicely on”dead air time”.If we aren’t reciting our goals aloud daily. . .what are we filling our ears with?Don’t forget that those things we concentrate on

become manifest within our lives.If un control your focus by attaining your written goals daily…u will see your life change.Poverty and lack will not have any space in your mindset since you’ve filled it with your goals. Well, that is all for now. . .my frugal friends.

Be well.

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