Hacking Audiobooks

You have a brand new fave audiobook which you MUST listen to when possible….but maybe you don’t want to spend somewhere between 14-200$ in an”official” copy purchased from an online or offline retailer.May I make a suggestion?

What you might discover, especially if the book isn’t published within the last two years….you might only need to plug the title into Youtube’s search engine pub and add the words”full sound book” and see what comes up.

Lately I’ve been more than happy to discover that at least two of my next audio book conquests exist in their entirety for 100% FREE via a video posted on Youtube. Thank you to Youtube!

Ps. You can always do what I’ve done too, which is make a formal request to your regional library to order the book/audio book in for you, if you don’t have some success locating your next audio book on youtube. I’ve been delighted with the responsiveness of our neighborhood library. They often go ahead and order books/audio books because I ask them. .

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