How The Rich Think Differently

Douglas Kroger is from South Africa. He speaks about what the gaps are between how the wealthy think and speak and live versus people that are always short of funds.

One of his statements could be summarized by stating that he says that”Rich men and women spend 80 percent of the time building”money machines, also referred to as companies” and another 20% on saving and controlling prices. Poor people spend 80 percent of the time trying to extend their dollars and just 20 percent of the time on trying to figure out how to generate money and scrimping.

“So, as this is”frugalista” website, I thought it would be a terrific event to stir the pot by mentioning this announcement he teaches. Can you scrimp and voucher clip your way? Or is that a really un-fun and difficult means for to wealth?

Do we actually need to invest more energy on building those up paths in our lives that could become money generating machines?Have a booming year.Enjoy that the vid.Peace,C.

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